Danish Minister Calls for Compensation for Summer Festivals

The Danish culture minister Joy Mogensen is proposing an inclusive compensation scheme for festival organizers. The move came after emergency measures were rolled out last year. They included festivals only taking place between March and June and with 1000 attendees or more. This left many other festivals and events in the dark as to how to obtain support if they fell outside these parameters. Many organizers are still struggling to find the support needed to run again this year. Most fearing the repercussions if yet another festival season is cancelled.

Joy Mogensen’s proposal is for more comprehensive and inclusive insurance from the government. She aims to help those festivals that fell by the wayside last year during the height of the pandemic. The hope for these new measures is to include many other festivals. While the future remains uncertain, events may still be cancelled due to the ever evolving pandemic situation.

Currently Belgium, Norway, Germany and other EU nations have better measures in place. Their festival and event compensation is one which Denmark hopes to model theirs after.

The current implementation of covid digital passports in various EU countries, points to a possibility for these festivals to go ahead. Despite the positive outlook, Mogensen wants to ensure that festival organizers and their subcontractors are covered in case of any further disruptions.

Working with the European Commission, Joy Mogensen hopes to find a favourable solution for future events, should they be cancelled in light of changing travel bans and crowd gathering rules.

Denmark hosts a myriad of international festivals including Smukfest, Roskilde and Tinderbox.