Daft Punk Collectible Sales Increased 2650% After Breakup

Whenever an artist retires or dies there is a feeling of mourning among the fans. This feeling moves them to acquire the merchandise as hard as they can in those moments of reflection. The case of Daft Punk is no exception. Since the announcement of their break-up, the percentage of total collectibles sales has increased 2650%.

Since the day the news broke, the stream fo their music have increased 500%.  Alpha Data, the analytic provider for Rolling Stone, reported that song sales went up by 1,335%. While digital album sales also went up by 2,650%. In fact, their second studio album Discovery is the one to top the recent charts. This work counts with a 5000% increase over the previous day in streaming and an 8000% increase in sales of physical copies.

Albums and Songs That Have Increased the Daft Punk Sales After Their Breakup

Daft Punk Increased Sales

According to Rolling Stone, the next most popular albums that were streamed that day making up the top five were Random Access Memories (up by 600%), Homework (up by 714%), Alive 2007 (up by 294%), and TRON: Legacy (up by 360%). Of Course, it wasn’t just Daft Punk fans who sparked this wave of exponential rise.

Spotify recently released the week’s results and found that half a million people heard the duo for the first time on its platform. Their most popular streamed tracks on Monday were Get Lucky’ (up 180% ), and One More Time’ (368%).  Others are Harder Better Faster Stronger’ (418%), ‘Around the World’ (381%) and ‘Instant Crush’ (392%).

It is not surprising that sales and streams have increased. It is normal considering it is sad to know we will no longer have works from the most influential robots. Without a doubt, Daft Punk is not only a reference for electronic music, it is for music in general. Their separation left a very big gap that for the moment we will compensate with more Daft Punk increased sales.