CRÜPO & LissA – Lockdown

CRÜPO and LissA teamed up in order to create a track titled by one of the rather common words at the moment, ‘Lockdown‘. With that in mind, this ended up being the concept behind their first time collaborating together

While the title may incentivize a particular understanding, the true meaning behind the track is different. They took the idea of our given circumstances and spun it into a theme of their own. In LissA’s own words:

“Lockdown is about having a toxic relationship with someone that makes you feel amazing one moment and devastates you in the next. In the end you know that you should let go of the other, but you realize that you are kind of addicted to them, so it’s not easy to leave. In this case the perfect consequence is a ‘lockdown’ where you’re simply not allowed to go see the other person and can do a little detox.”


‘Lockdown’ plays on rhythmic elements that conjoin with the unbroken singing. In the meantime, the melody plays around in the background through adjacent synth stabs. From there, the chorus takes light vocal chops and adds a deal of layers that form an an infectious sensation.

Listen to CRÜPO and LissA come together and collaborate for the first time to create ‘Lockdown’ below. In addition, you can hear it out on the Chill Nation YouTube channel through the link here.