Hats off to Boys Noize. I have to admit that, even though I liked his last ‘Gamestop tribute track’ that isn’t the sound I was looking for. But boy oh boy. Does this man know how to deliver a banger! Yesterday, Boys Noize released two new tracks, and they are just fire. Pure fire. I mean it. This is hardcore dance music. These are the type of tracks you can dance and rage to at the same time. So raw. So strong. I bow down to one of the great ones, who has definitely done it again. Boys Noize’s new tracks are titled ‘IU’ and ‘Ride Or Die‘. And trust me, once you listen to them, they will become instant classics in your collection.

Boys Noize

‘IU’ & ‘Ride Or Die’

Both songs are hardcore. They’ve got amazing, dark, and angelical vocals. And the drums. OMG. The drums man. They bang hard in sync with the leads to make both these tracks a hard yet melodic banger. It’s been a while since I last heard something like this. I mean it. The realm of melodic techno (at least that’s how I identify the first track. Not sure about the second one. Please don’t kill me) is one I do not venture in often. However, this has really placed me in that mind state.

I’m surprised. Genuinely surprised. But in the best possible way. This is seriously something else. Pure gold. That’s what this man has created on these two tracks. A fucking symphony. Majestic. Boys Noize continues showing us he can do anything he wants. And, most important, he can do it not well, but supremely. I can’t wait to be able to listen to both ‘IU’ and ‘Ride Or Die’ while at a Boys Noize set. I need it badly.

Stream Boys Noize latest bangers ‘IU’ and ‘Ride Or Die’ out now below! I can assure you, you won’t regret this!