Beatport DJ Lets You Mix In Your Browser

Livestreaming came to change DJing in the new normal. Now Beatport unveiled the browser-based app Beatport DJ, and it will be a game-changer for DJs.

The new Beatport DJ is a browser-based application that allows you to prep the DJ sets and mix within your web browser. This tool is available for Beatport LINK subscribers, later it can be available with a subscription tier. You can use it with Google Chrome.

The interface contains two decks and features the typical DJ controls such as a tempo slider and effects like reverb and pitcher. Beatport designed it especially for beginners who want to know the basic functions of Djing. It is also useful for people who want to create from wherever they are.

“Beatport DJ will build tremendous value across the entire LINK ecosystem and open up new discovery possibilities to DJs of any skill level. It will be beneficial to music creators and record labels as it fuels increased streaming royalties as well as accelerate the mass-adoption of our LINK subscription (…). It is a one of a kind tool for inspiring a generation of new DJs who can start mixing right from their laptop’s web browser on day one.”

Beatport Senior Vice President, Romain Pouillon.
Beatport Dj Browser-based

What can you do with this application? First, you can drag and drop songs from Beatport’s music library. You can also access various playlists and create your own, allowing you to create different tunes and prepare your set.

Overmore, there is a new feature called Automix, which plays your playlist in shuffle mode. Also, you can see how songs transition together if you are prepping or just want to throw on a playlist. Beatport DJ can be used with controllers by Pioneer DJ, Denon, Hercules, Numark, and Serato and be connected via Bluetooth or USB.