Armin van Buuren’s ‘This Is Me’ Postponed to 2022

Armin van Buuren is postponing his ‘This Is Me‘ show dates to June 2022. The renowned music producer made an official announcement about the move as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has yet to cease.

The music producer initially planned to embark on a series of events in celebration of his long-time career in the dance music industry in 2020. However, with the sudden landfall of the pandemic, Armin Van Buuren postponed the event dates to 2021 in hopes that normal life would continue once again during this time.

Although progress is being made in response to the harmful virus, such as the recent rollout of vaccines, there is still much to do before the world can return to normal. Therefore, Armin Van Buuren is moving the dates of these events once again to 2022.

‘This Is Me’ will now take place from June 2 to June 5, 2022. Current ticket holders will receive information about their tickets and what to do next. Passes will remain valid for the new show dates.

  • THU 2 JUNE 2022 << THU 20 MAY 2021 << WED 20 MAY 2020
  • FRI 3 JUNE 2022 << FRI 21 MAY 2021 << FRI 22 MAY 2020
  • SAT 4 JUNE 2022 (ALL AGES) << SAT 22 MAY 2021 (ALL AGES) << SAT 23 MAY 2020 (ALL AGES)
  • SAT 4 JUNE 2022 << SAT 22 MAY 2021 << SAT 23 MAY 2020
  • SUN 5 JUNE 2022 (PENTECOST) << SUN 23 MAY 2021 << THU 21 MAY 2020 (ASCENSION DAY)

The ‘This Is Me’ events are expected to be a one-of-a-kind experience. When tickets initially went on sale, they were sold out in minutes. Ticket owners are encouraged to keep hold of them as this is a show no one should miss. However, those looking to refund their passes can find information on return in the official FAQ provided on the website.