Amazon Enters the Virtual Events World with Launch of ‘Amazon Explore’

What can’t Amazon do? The multinational company is officially entering the world of virtual events. For the moment, the tech giant offers experiences in the form of guided tours. ‘Amazon Explore‘ is already part of the company’s services. It includes a variety of products going from cooking classes to local perspectives on a potential trip destination. With experiences starting as low as $10, the idea is to bring to the consumer to enjoy over 200 possibilities from the comfort of their home.

Even though Amazon Explore was launched in September 2020, it seems to have expanded at a very fast pace. Much like booking a ticket for a tour or movie, music fans can select the Amazon Explore session that they want. They will schedule a date and time and then wait for confirmation from the event host. Once you received a link to the event, you’ll be able to enjoy a safe and interactive experience, virtually. The particularity is that every Amazon Explore experience is designed for one party at a time. In other words, you can have your very own private tour.

As an illustration, you can take a music and fashion tour through London’s Soho neighborhood. As you may know, it is home to many of music and art’s most famous venues, cultural references and inspirations. The guided tour takes you through Oxford Street, Canaby Street, and London’s Chinatown. Along the ride, you will experience various “musical and artistic touchstones” for the likes of everyone from Mozart, to the Beatles, and Jimi Hendrix.