Yotto Feeds Your Soul With ‘I Want You’

Yotto is giving us another angelic track by the name of ‘I Want You‘. Featuring braev, his ethereal vocals add a lot of emotion to this track. This follows his successful release of ‘Buggy‘ and ‘I/Y‘ with Lane 8 and Rewind EP. Making this his first release of the year, dive into his melodic world.

The track starts off light with braev’s singing, and transitions into a smooth melody. As the bassline drums, a symphony of piano and synths accompany the melody. Let the melodic progression chill your spine and warm your heart. The emotive lyrics pair perfectly with the immaculate production of the song. This is something Yotto does best. He never ceases to amaze us on an auditory journey. You feel vulnerable, but you also feel satisfied while listening to this track.

It’s not often you hear an orchestra blend with electronica, but here you have it. It’s glorious, soft, and supple. Fans of the label will take to this one well because it showcases just what his music is made of. The Finnish producer started the label almost two years ago, aiming to amalgamate galactic chase scene soundtracks with sunshine-inspired techno blues. In his words: “This music is for the outsiders” and we are here for it.

We know that this guy can fill a dancefloor with hard hitting melodic tracks and airy, ambient ones as well. He continues his onslaught of music production and knocking it out of the park. We can see this being a track he closes his set with. The uplift, balance, and harmony blend together well for a masterpiece. It’s well-received by fans already and there’s already talks about a Cassian remix.

Find out what everyone is raving about. Listen to his newest track for the year below.

Yotto – I Want You | Buy/Stream