Wavedash revealed last Friday their new single ‘Lemon Nades’. This track is a collaboration with Noon. Moreover, it is the fourth and final single on Wavedash’s debut album, World Famous Tour.

The first time we heard ‘Lemon Nades’ was during NGHTMRE & SLANDER performance at Ultra 2018. As intended by the producers, this song hits very hard in a live show. In fact, the heavy drums, the powerful bass, and brass sections remind us why these guys are the real deal in bass music. Even though some of their recent releases deviated from their original sound – they were more along the lines of future bass and trap – we can confirm that ‘Lemon Nades’ is nothing short of aggressive.

Teaming up with Wavedash is Noon, who apparently sent the idea to the trio four years ago. Noon confirmed this when he shared his thoughts on the track:

While I am the birth father of this song, the stepdads of WAVEDASH taught it how to walk, paid for education, and beat up its shit college boyfriends, but ALL of us get to walk ‘Lemon Nades’ down the aisle”

Nonetheless, we hope we can see some more future collaborations between the artists.

You can stream ‘Lemon Nades’ below.