Thomas Hoffknecht Drops Antaris EP

Thomas Hoffknecht Antaris

Rising techno artist Thomas Hoffknecht just dropped Antaris. Inspired by trips to the planetarium, Antaris is truly an out-of-this-world EP. Drumcode, the Swedish techno label that released it, describes it as an immersive five-track work that charts the breadth of his raw, yet captivating style.

We have to agree. Antaris begins with ‘Sirius‘, an intense track that reveals a classic techno beat and a monologue. ‘Comet‘ and ‘Wega‘ also more on the techno side as well, staying true to the sound Thomas is known for.

‘Antaris’ starts out with a strong sound, but actually gets softer as it progresses. Moreover, it amplifies the cosmic soundscape Hoffknecht constructs in the EP with soft, succinct synths. We see this again in ‘Regulus‘ to close it out.

Thomas Hoffknecht manages to expertly infuse his signature techno style with lighter cosmic bits, making Antaris an intriguing EP worth checking out. You can listen to Antaris below.

Thomas Hoffknecht – Antaris