Spotify will be letting their employees continue to work from home indefinitely. Although many renowned companies, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft, are transitioning back to the workplace setting, it seems that this music streaming platform is embracing remote work for good.

The streaming company is beginning a Work From Anywhere program, allowing employees to work anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. Those in a location with no Spotify office nearby will receive a co-working space membership.

The decision to work at home or at the office will be entirely up to workers. Once the program begins in the summer, employees will need to speak with their manager to determine when or if they need to visit the office. In addition, they must determine if home locations follow time zone requirements and “regional entity laws.”

Spotify is falling under remote culture, along with other various tech companies who’ve also taken up indefinite work from home. Salesforce recently announced that they will begin allowing their employees to work from home for at least part of the week.

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