Solomun Uploads January Momentum Mix

If you’re in need of new music, look no further. Solomun recently uploaded his Momentum January Mix onto Youtube. It looks like this will be a monthly project – Solomun comments that he “will compile a monthly mix with some tracks from [his] Momentum Playlist of the previous month.”

The mix starts out melodic and synth heavy with ‘Immaterial’ by Carl Finlow. However, it quickly picks up in intensity and is an hour-long mix worth checking out.

The Momentum Mix consists of the Bosnian-German DJ’s ongoing Spotify playlist. Top tracks are curated into the monthly mix, but the Spotify playlist features nearly five hours of music. Moreover, one the tracks that Solomun recently added to his Spotify playlist is ‘Tuk Tuk’, his newest release with ÄTNA.

Solomun describes the essence of his Momentum playlist as consisting of tracks that “can be old, can be new, can be any tune”. The January mix features an interesting range of genres, intensities, and sounds. We’re looking forward to seeing what Solomun has in store for February.

You can listen to the January Momentum Mix below.

If you’re looking for more, you can listen to the full Momentum playlist on Spotify by clicking here.