Solomun Releases ‘Tuk Tuk’ feat ÄTNA

Bosnian-German DJ Solomun finally released this very interesting track titled ‘Tuk Tuk‘ featuring ÄTNA. It is definitely a different release with a very special sound that combines a few genres.

This wonderful release named ‘Tuk Tuk’ will be featured on Solomun’s forthcoming, sophomore album – Nobody Is Not Loved. This track and Solomun’s new album will see the light thanks to the brand new imprint NINL, which Solomun directs.

Solomun Tuk Tuk

Solomun often produces his own tracks, and showcases amazing production techniques. ‘Tuk Tuk’ offers warm basslines and melodies by Solomun. The captivating voice of Inéz adds a marvelous touch to the track. Solomun works with new elements in the creation of this song, and the result is amazing. As the track contains many elements of traditional genre boundaries, the result is a very original production. Moreover, it is an energetic track that jumps between an array of rhythmic beats and sounds.

“See how Inez of ÄTNA, who is embodying music itself, is fighting against all the forces that are trying to suppress her. Because only music can dare to say ‘Nobody Is Not Loved.'”


If you want to discover this different track, check out the music video down below. ‘Tuk Tuk’ by Solomun features ÄTNA’s Inez assuming the role of an assassin in the video.