Bass DJ SNAILS is back after nearly a year with ‘FROGKIND‘. The track is intense and true to his vomitstep sound. Infused with heavy bass and blaring synth, it’s an exhilarating track from start to finish. ‘FROGKIND‘ is more refined, and many fans have commented saying that the track as some of his best to date.

Fans comment on SNAILS improved sound since his hiatus.

This new track signals the end of a long hiatus, and the start of something new. SNAILS notes in a comment:

“FROGKIND is the beginning of a new era and also the start of going back to my roots—my core sound design… The time has come to finally unleash the weirdness! I’m so happy to share this new song from my upcoming EP!! It’s only the beginning.”

Fans are thrilled to see SNAILS back in action, and ‘FROGTOWN‘ appears to be the start of an exciting new era.

You can listen to ‘FROGTOWN‘ below.