I dare someone to try and stop this man. Jeff Montalvo, Seven Lions, has continued to touch and master all genres that there is. Next on his list was to return back to his love of trance. Back in July of 2020, Jeff surprised all with a Vision special set (Vision is the name of his Twitch sets). This set featured one hour of trance classics but with a surprise twist. Listeners first heard Above & Beyond’s ‘Can’t Sleep’ that transitioned into, unexpectedly, Seven Lions’ ‘Days to Come‘. However, ‘Days to Come’ had received a trance remix as well which meshed in perfectly. Wow.

Throughout the set, we also heard ‘Worlds Apart‘, ‘Higher Love‘ (a collab with Jason Ross), and ‘Rush Over Me‘. And now, we have the official versions of each of those four. It’s easy to scour social media and see the reviews that the EP is receiving. Even non-trance lovers are enjoying the different approach that Jeff has mastered. Each remix keeps the beauty of the vocals from Haliene, Fiora, Kerli, and Paul Meany. The 138 spin on these enter the ears of the listener beautifully. These remixes came about at a time when Jeff was feeling uninspired and full of hopelessness. What is even better is that ‘Rush Over Me’ and ‘Worlds Apart’ also received a special 1999 extended mix which gives the listener a full trance experience.

Trance is a special and (mostly) well-received genre that is hard to master. Time and time again, Jeff continues to surprise us while we are waiting for the world to heal. And these tracks help with healing the moments in our own lives that may feel sad or uneasy. Give it a listen and be prepared to enter a world that is full of beauty and hope.