Porter Robinson Final Single Before Album Release

This was a tough week for EDM fans. But hey, at least we made it to Friday. And to celebrate we have a huge announcement from one of the best DJs out there. Porter Robinson just announced the last track from his new album will be out next week! The American Dj announced his latest track is ready and will come out on March 3. Porter Robinson’s latest track will be titled ‘Musician’ and is the last track of his new album ‘Nurture‘.

porter robinson

Don’t you just love him? Porter Robinson is one of the most genuine and pure souls inside the EDM industry. I love an artist being so humane. We tend to forget the artists we see on big stages, living their dream, and performing music for us are also human. They suffer, laugh, and cry. And I can assure you Porter cried with us this week. To help us relieve the pain, Porter Robinson’s ‘Musician’ is coming.

If you are familiar with the work of Daft Punk and the work of Porter Robinson, you’ll understand how Porter’s feeling right now. It was just disheartening. However, there’s still a beam of light amongst all of it. There’s no doubt EDM’s favorite robots will forever live both through their work and the countless work they inspired. I wanted to refer to this after reading a comment on Porter Robinson’s latest post announcing his last track, which you can watch here:

On the Facebook post, you can read ‘This animation style reminds me a lot to the one used by Daft Punk. And I’m sure Porter would be glad to read that. And even more so, the impact Porter will have on the industry is something that can’t be ignored. This next albums will for sure be a masterpiece, and I just can’t wait to hear it. I’ve countless DJ friends who credit Porter as one of their inspirations, so there’s no denying Porter has done what for many what Daft Punk did for him.

Are you ready for ‘Musician?! And, are you ready for Nurture?! Porter Robinson is coming in hot for 2021!