PIZOOKI – Moment In Time

Up and coming artist PIZOOKI has released a track that is sure to pull at your heartstrings. ‘Moment In Time‘ calls on us to examine the memories that we hold dear to us. It allows us to reflect on the importance of these special moments, especially in hard times. With the havoc that the pandemic has wreaked on the world, these memories can help us get by. Music helps, too.

‘Moment In Time’ begins with a soft piano intro and flows into a gentle bassline. The compelling lyrics perfectly accompany a melodic climb into the first drop of the track. One of the most gripping strands of lyrics is, “sometimes I wish time would just stay frozen.” PIZOOKI’s sound transitions resemble those produced by Gryffin and ILLENIUM. These artists lean heavily into the future-bass and melodic bass styles.

About the inspiration behind ‘Moment In Time’, PIZOOKI says:

“I wrote it during the pandemic. I’m sure there are countless people who experienced this and as an artist starting to make my way in LA and make progress, the pandemic really ripped all of that away and made me have to hit reset. Being back at my old house in my old neighborhood, back in Arizona, had me going through so many memories in my life. I couldn’t believe that all those times in my life it felt like I had all this time and now they are all just memories. I wished I could revisit them and just appreciate them more knowing what I know now. Crazy how our lives change like that and leave us with memories that once were our reality.” 



PIZOOKI (born Jarret Bailey) has released music on all major streaming platforms, earning over 200,000 streams thus far. He graduated from the highly revered Icon Collective in Burbank, California. Additionally, he was recognized as the Icon Ambassador of 2020. This recognition is “due to his work ethic and embodiment of what Icon expects from a student to achieve success.” In the journey to achieve his vision to help each person realize their own unique light within themselves so they can spread it around the world, he is set on revamping and enhancing his sound this year.

He has a passion for producing captivating music and lyrics that provoke emotion and draws inspiration from artists like ILLENIUM, Last Heroes, Martin Garrix, AVICII, Said The Sky, Seven Lions, Gryffin, Dabin, and many more. Ultimately, he strives to deliver music that will “resonate with your soul and awaken your light within.” Check out his Fanlink page for streaming options!

PIZOOKI – Moment In Time