Oliver Heldens Drops Exquisite New Track ‘Never Look Back’

Oliver Heldens is ready for the weekend with a brand new track! The Dutch DJ dropped his latest track today. Helden’s latest track is titled ‘Never Look Back’. It was released as part of a 3 track EP containing some of his latest tracks. Heldens continues delivering and nailing each and every step of what has become one of the most prolific careers inside house music.

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There’s just something about Heldens’ music that gets your body going. The chords, the harmony, the groove. Everything’s amazing. Now, he delivers yet another belter. Featuring singer Syd Silvair on the vocals, there’s no doubt Heldens knows what he’s doing. He takes control over your body and mind with a simple lead, stacking things until he releases you into a magnificent drop. It’s as if the essence and soul of house were placed into a brand new body. There’s no other way to put it.

Heldens delivers once again

This is Oliver Heldens’ second release of the year. 2 releases. 2 months. Not bad. The Dutch DJ continues improving his sound and surprising us with bigger and better harmonics, leads, and an amazing sense of rhythm. This new track is definitely of my favorite releases so far.

Heldens had a massive year in 2020. Now, he’s ready to take it even further in 2021. One of the most enjoyable DJs to watch through a screen, Heldens’ is unmatched. His energy, style, variety and genius is just amazing. He can take you through every genre inside the spectre on a majestic way. His livestreams were some of the most entertaining to watch. So, what else is next for this house giant? We certainly do not know, but we’re ready for it!

Stream Oliver Heldens’ new track ‘Never Look Back’ featuring Syd Silvair below and let us know what you think!