Almost a year ago, COVID-19 flipped our lives upside down with closures and lockdowns. In fact, spring break was cut short due to the virus, with many students left for remote learning. This year, city officials and police in Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale are hard at work preparing for large crowds this year.

“If you plan to vacation on Miami Beach, do so responsibly or be arrested.” –  Interim City Manager Raul J. Aguila 

As vaccines begin to roll out and COVID cases drop in some regions, officials are expecting a longer spring break period. Deputy Police Chief Wayne Jones stated that he believes cheap flights and hotel rooms will bring back spring breakers in “full force”. Additionally, people are drained after being stuck at home for months now.

The enhanced enforcement will take place Feb. 22 to around April 12. Enforcement will not only monitor the health of visitors due to COVID, but also alcohol and drugs. A curfew from midnight to 6 a.m in Miami-Dade County will be enforced to prevent late-night parties and drinking. Alcohol consumption on public beaches will be prohibited and strictly enforced with roaming officers. In addition, there will be limitations on live music in several locations.

At entrances to Miami Beach, police have installed license plate readers to monitor the flow of visitors. Moreover, visitors will not be allowed to bring tents, coolers, and tables on the beach with them. With all of these restrictions in place, visitors should arrive prepared and educated.

At the end of the day, city officials and law enforcement are working to ensure the health and safety of visors and residents. Be smart and stay safe out there!