Johnson & Johnson have asked U.S. regulators to clear the first-ever one-shot COVID-19 vaccine. Users will not be required to receive a second booster shot. In addition, this approval can prevent the scarcity of vaccines.

According to results from a recent international study, the J&J vaccine is safe and offers proper protection against severe forms of the virus. However, it did not appear as strong as two-dose vaccines Pfizer and Moderna.

Before regulators approve the vaccine, the Food and Drug Administration is asking advisers to debate on the single-dose shot. The panel will meet on February 26 to discuss it moving forward or not.

The one-shot vaccine currently has a 72% effective rate in the U.S. However, it received a 66% rate in Latin America and 57% in South America. This is where a more contagious mutation of the virus has been spreading.

Scientists still believe that the J&J vaccines have the potential to protect individuals from the harmful virus. The company already has some vaccines ready to ship once the FDA approves them.

Source: Associated Press