Someone Hacked an iPod Classic To Stream From Spotify

Guy Dupont has hacked a 17-year-old iPod Classic to stream directly from Spotify using WiFi. Many Apple users would have never guessed that this was possible, this tech man has certainly done the unthinkable.

To access Spotify, Dupont loaded his device with a Raspberry Pi W, allowing him to connect to WiFi and add Bluetooth. Afterward, he added a new rechargeable battery and a micro-USB port. The original 3.5mm port still remains, but it is no longer needed.

Dupont named his new re-imagined iPod sPot. For those who want to make one of their very own, you can do so for about $100 with a classic iPod. For help on what software to download, there is a Hackaday post that explains what you will need.

Watch Dupont’s new creation unfold in his latest video. He shares everything he did to add Spotify onto his iPod classic.