Gryffin feat. Audrey Mika – Safe With Me (Last Heroes Remix)

Last Friday, Last Heroes dropped a remix of the single ‘Safe with me‘ by Gryffin and Audrey Mika. This is the second time in five months that the two producers have a crack at one of Gryffin’s songs, after ‘Out of my mind’ in 2020. Once again, they made it into a melodic bass version that did not disappoint.

As expected, it provides a much higher energy level and festival feel to the record. Speaking of high energy, the budding duo had great momentum at the end of 2019. They were supporting acts of some Illenium and Seven Lions shows, but like many other up-and-coming artists, 2020 hit pretty hard on them, since touring is a big part of developing.

Despite all this, the past year has surely been their best one yet, musically speaking. Last Heroes totaled 18 releases including several remixes and collaborations with world-renowned artists.

The Colorado-based pair seems to like working with originals from Gryffin, as stated on their last Instagram post that the remix “came together really effortlessly and was so much fun to make”. As a result, they managed to keep all of the essential elements of the original version.

The listener will in fact go on a familiar journey alongside Audrey Mika‘s voice. On the other hand, the drop brings all the feels and happiness that future bass’s melodic instrumentals can offer. Combined with the heavy drums that Last Heroes has accustomed us to, this remix is destined to shine.

We are certainly going to hear this version in one of Gryffin’s sets and even be a crowd favorite, when (let’s be positive here) live shows are back this year, as we can all be safe with each other again.

You can listen to the remix below.