Grant finally makes his return to Monstercat by reuniting with RUNN yet again to deliver ‘Fix It‘. Bringing together both artists resulted in a sincere and vulnerable track. Nonetheless, it shines by bringing out the best of both collaborators, fitting perfectly into Monstercat Instinct.

“Fix It” is an honest look at the less than perfect parts within each of us. I feel like the last year has really been a year of growth personally, and in my relationships, and I wanted to capture that in this song.”

RUNN – press relese

Preceding, Grant last released on the imprint back in 2019 through the four-track EP, Wishes. Notably, the body of work included ‘Contagious‘ alongside RUNN, cementing their synergy.

‘Fix It’ kicks off with a cozy and warm instrumental which allows the vocals to shine in their decadent tone. Lyrically, a distinct raw effort to bring forth the message and story is front and center. Moreover, the production is laced with impressive and inspiring synth-work, leaving an imprint of Grant’s sound and its progression over time.

Via channeling ‘Fix It’, Grant is left inspired to create more and is lining up releases for 2021. Using what he currently outputted as an indicator, it’s obvious he’s an artist to keep our ears peeled toward. In addition, it goes without saying that the same sentiment applies to RUNN, especially considering how her vocals continue to impress with each release.

Listen to Grant and RUNN’s collaboration, ‘Fix It’, via Monstercat Instinct below!