Don Diablo releases ‘Into The Unknown’ on Hexagon, with a somewhat risky concept. The DJ and producer explores the darker side of music, at the same time the video plunges us into his deepest thoughts.

Living in quarantine has allowed us to analyze our darkest thoughts. That introspection has helped artists to produce risky productions that we would not have seen in festival times. Don Diablo is no exception as this time he brings us a song that goes out of its pre-established molds.

A couple of weeks ago, Don Diablo posted on his socials a teaser of a new song, of course, many fans were excited about the news. Although the teaser was nothing ordinary, it piqued our curiosity and at the same time, we saw the Hexagon boss in a different light. The cover of the single is more worthy of a movie about sadomasochism than a single by the Future House master.

A week later he released what we were waiting for, ‘Into the Unknown’ and it was exactly what we expected when we saw the cover. When Don Diablo comes to mind we think of his euphoric and happy house that immerses us in complete euphoria. Well, this single is a 180-degree turn from his usual sound, as it exudes an edgy and dark vibe.

Don Diablo- ‘Into The Unknown’ Single and Music Video

Don Diablo Into The Unknown

The track begins with a slight piano sound and the vocals made by Don himself, “Always in the zone, forever on my own, into the unknown“. This is the refrain, the only thing he says in the whole track. As the drop gets closer, the voice distorts to a deeper, clubby sound.

As for the video, it explores the different lows that human beings have. Don wakes up and has signs of a rough morning, one where you struggle with the mattress to get up. After a bath, he sees himself in a gentlemen’s club. Later in a booth, he is on with a naked woman, just like in the teaser.

This is what Don Diablo has to say regarding his single and video:

“I wrote and produced “Into The Unknown” after spending countless days alone inside my house, without seeing any daylight, going outside, or seeing anyone. Growing up I spent most of my days alone. Inside. Creating sounds. Just me and my music. Not knowing what the future would hold. I have been making and releasing music since the age of thirteen and it will always be the biggest love of my life.

This past year brought me back to that period in my life, a period of solitude as well as inner peace, away from all the chaos. Being on my own so much reminded me that I have always been living inside my own head, my own reality, my own zone. Not knowing what your next destination is can be scary. But, it can also make way for new things, it can clear your mind. Creating new things and stepping outside of my comfort zone as a direct result of this pandemic has given me a sense of inner peace. Not knowing what the future will hold is okay, sometimes we have to embrace the unknown.”

You can check the video below or listen to Don Diablo- ‘Into The Unknown’ here.