[LISTEN] Disclosure, Nile Rodgers & More Discuss Daft Punk on Clubhouse

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Interested in some fireside chats about Daft Punk? On Monday, Disclosure, Zane Lowe, Todd Edwards, Nile Rodgers gathered on Clubhouse to talk about the DP split. Alongside the EDM community’s heartfelt messages, these guys took stories a step further.

It’s not quite a podcast, but it’s an hour and 35 minutes talking about all things robot with some legends who worked with them. Some highlights from the chat include: last conversations about future music, other artistic ventures, and ideas that could have been for their albums.

These guys do a great job providing a comforting environment to speak in, and we learned so much. It’s awesome to hear the beautiful stories, memories, and insights they had with DP. Fans don’t get to see what’s behind the scenes, and we’re still at a los for words. DP’s music expressed all our thoughts and emotions. From humans to robots, Tom and Guy executed their concepts and stories with these talented producers, which in turn stunned then. Just a bunch of guys shooting the shit, having a few drinks, and making some music.

Photo Credit: GQ

I find these stories amazing, and wonderful that they’re coming to light now. Daft Punk started from being no one and ended up touching so many lives. Let this give you the closure you need. Some may not understand the impact that Tom and Guy had given us. But those that do know, we feel it with you.

Someone on Youtube was kind enough to upload the fireside chat. Listen below and enjoy!