Dance Music Community Reacts to Daft Punk Split

By now, we’re still coping with the fact that Daft Punk has split. They announced the news in their Epilogue video via YouTube Monday morning. This hit the electronic dance music community hard and is almost too surreal.

To Thomas Bangalter And Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo

Steve Aoki shared a heartfelt message on Facebook about how DP developed his own musical journey. For anyone lucky enough to attend their Alive tour, we are all very envious. Firstly, Coachella 2007 must have been the greatest experience. Their performance raised hairs and sent chills down everyone’s spines. Secondly, their unique, interstellar French electro-house sound is something we’ll never forget. Thirdly, they’re the definition of iconic.

Moreover, their music is everything to Porter Robinson. First of its kind and never duplicated, we all dropped our jaws at what we saw. The combination of anime and electronic music coming to life was spectacular.

Maybe it’s just a prank and they’re going to make the greatest comeback the world’s ever seen. We hope TokimonstaGlass Animals if only a comeback tour were possible.

For the rest of us, we wish them well along with Alesso, Dillon Francis, Disclosure, and GRiZ. We thank these legends for everything they’ve given us. We’ve all resonated with their music and it’s given us life. I’ve danced my heart out to ‘One More Time’ on many occasions. These guys introduced me to electronic dance music. I’m deeply saddened that I’ll never get to see them live.

Perhaps Tom and GuyMan have reached a point in their lives where it’s time to let go. We will miss their robot heads and hope that we somehow get a Tron 3 soundtrack from them. Maybe as one last side project, for instance? They formed in 1993, and they’ll continue to live on forever in our hearts.

Je t’aime DP, bon voyage. Tribute fan art incoming. It’s time to rewatch Daft Punk Unchained with a gallon of ice cream and tissues.