Seven Lions to Go Back in Time with 1999 Remixes

During the last year, we’ve been hit with all different emotions; exhilaration, sadness, motivation, some depression, hopefulness, more. There’s no one that’s immune to all of that. And that even includes our most idolized persons that are in our life. Jeff Montalvo (Seven Lions) expressed that he’s been facing the more darker emotions as of late.

In a post on January 18th, Jeff described that he had been feeling extremely uninspired in the studio and unfocused. It took him so time, but he finally figured it out. Jeff’s been in the game and has touched almost every genre that you can think of. One that he has excelled at tapping into is his trance side. So, coming soon, trance-like remixes of a handful of Seven Lions tracks will soon be released! This Friday, “Rush Over Me” will be the first 1999 remix that our ears will be hearing. Additionally, we will be hearing the full EP in February!

“2020 was a strange and honestly really demotivating year for me. I was having a hard time feeling inspired and creative in the studio so I decided to just do some musical therapy and make old school trance remixes of some of my older tracks. I had a great time making these songs. They have a nostalgic vibe for me and it made me remember how much I love the process of making music, especially with zero expectations.”

Time does heal all. It may not happen right away. But, out of no where, things have a tendency to start looking up, especially with the right music. Looking forward to it, Jeff!