Palestinian DJ Released After 8 Days in Jail

Sama’ Abdulhadi was released on January 4th after being arrested for playing a private party. The arrest took place on December 27, and she spent 8 days in jail.

The site Abdulhadi played at, the Nabi Musa site, is significant in Islam. It is where Muslims believe the remains of Moses lie. However, the site is an official tourist attraction, and even has a dedicated area for events. Many events take place there, but the performance angered a group of people, and led to the subsequent arrest of Sama’.

Beatport organized the event as a part of their ongoing “Residency” series. They wanted to showcase the Palestinian DJ’s talent and highlight “the musical and cultural developments of the Middle Eastern electronic music scene”. In their official statement, they also note:

Ms Abdulhadi obtained the necessary permits from the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism to host a private event… The site, Maqam Nabi Musa, is under the custody of the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism who gave written approval to organize and film the concert in the Bazaar site, which is separated from the holy sites within the complex.


Many across the EDM community called for her release after this wrongful arrest. Moreover, a petition circulated, calling for the release of Sama’. Over 100,000 people signed.

Attorney Generals are now deciding what to do with this case – Sama’ is not currently charged with anything, but could face up to two years in prison. After a cash bond of 500 Jordanian Dinar bail and 2000 Jordanian Dinar bail bond, she was released. The good news is that Sama’ is now home with her family. And above all, we stand with her.

You can read her most recent update below.