New Zealand Safely Starts 2021 With Music Festivals, Events

With envy, the rest of the world watched how thousands of festival-goers attended live music events in New Zealand for the new year. We can all agree that we miss that celebration!

Although this may sound irresponsible at first glance, we must keep in mind that the country currently counts less than 80 coronavirus cases. As the world keeps fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, some countries are en route to end the crisis within their borders. Meanwhile, some are the opposite – the UK and Germany are going to apply a very strict lockdown again until February because of the spread of the latest outbreaks.

On the other side of the globe, people in New Zealand are enjoying festivals again. These special events took place across New Zealand, with 20,000 people attending Gisborne’s Rhythm and Vine Festival alone.

Following a smart health protocol, the country closed its borders and adhered to strict lockdown measures early on in the pandemic. The results of these effective measures have kept New Zealand safe with fewer than 100 active cases of COVID-19 nationwide.

Smart Restrictions Put Into Place

New Zealand’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, said the extreme measures had been taken “for the health of the country, and our people.” A 10,000-person event was held in Wanaka, and a festival in Mangawhai celebrated the New Year over the course of three days.

New Zealand event

It’s sad to say that this is unfortunately not the case for all countries. In the UK, however, things are not going as well. The organizers of the Glastonbury Festival called for “direct financial support” from the government. Besides, iconic clubs like Berghain had to change their routine and offer new activities. Despite trying its best, the EDM industry is still struggling.

We hope that New Zealand can serve as an example to other countries so that we can one day return to raving together.