Mitis Starts Off 2021 with New Single ‘Try’

It doesn’t feel like we’ve come into a new year just yet. We’re still waiting for the days to get longer and for things to feel a bit more exciting than what they are. But they’re out there. So, it’s only proper that the first release from Ophelia Records is a song all about that.

This release from label member Mitis is a profound one. ‘Try‘ combines an ample amount of piano work with very simple yet impactful bass that is tastefully integrated together to highlight the profound lyrics. Vocalist RØRY also adds her absolutely beautiful voice to the track.

“When you gave all your love but it wasn’t enough
When you swear this time you’re giving up
You still gotta try, you know you gotta try
When you gave all you got like a million times
We’ve got the hell and hello and the good and goodbye
You gotta try, you know you gotta try
We gon’ we gon’ we gon’ try”

This release is huge for Joe Torre – it’s his first official release since his debut EP, Shattered, which grabbed the attention of Jeff Montalvo (Seven Lions) immediately. Joe has continuously been working on new music during our days at home and he’s ready to make an even bigger statement in 2021. He also likes to slip in a little taste of what’s to come on his Twitch channel (Mitis Mondays!).

But we’ve got to get up. We’ve got to keep going. You’ve got to keep going. It’s all going to be okay. We’ve faced hell but also have seen the reasons to smile. Keep looking and remembering those reasons – they’re still out there!

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