Ladies and gentlemen, deadmau5 presents We Are Friends X. His tenth edition of the compilation series is coming on February 12th. Mark your calendars for something new, maybe something old, but definitely something exciting.

On his Instagram and Twitter, he announced that the compilation will feature artists we recognize from the label’s history plus previous ones. 18 could denote how many artists or songs we’re getting? We can only hope that he also commemorates i_o in this one (rest in peace..). The guessing game is on throughout the Internet as to what direction he’ll go. Personally, I’m waiting for ‘Hit Save’. Others want ‘Speed, Violence, Momentum’, and I wouldn’t mind a little synthwave from Joel.

His teaser video is Blade Runner-esque and has some artists’ names on the buildings. Those include Wolfgang Gartner, Matt Lange, Fehrplay, Attlas, Rinzen, and Tommy Trash. If I’m missing any, please let me know. The track is epic and could be a foreshadow of what’s to come.

Anything goes with the G.O.A.T, so horde get ready! We expect great things from the mau5trap label. This compilation series showcases the freshest and most forward-thinking attitudes of electronic music pioneers. WAF prides itself on being committed to uncovering and supporting fresh talent. You can follow their website here for more information plus past compilations.

WAFX follows the We Are Friends Vol. 009 edition released in 2019. From his progressive buildup intro tracks to the neat sound design and structured tempo of the entire mix, it is an auditory journey from beginning to end. The fun never stops with Joel, and perhaps we’ll get tracks from his v3 cube tour.

Tell all your friends and save the date for February! Hopefully this will get us through the next month.