Many agree it’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance. So when KSHMR tweets that “[his] debut album is one of the most ambitious, maybe even one of the best electronic albums of all time,” the Internet fires back. But one thing is certain: KSHMR’s enthusiasm to share two years of hard work with the world this Friday January 15.

As with all things that end up on social media, the Internet becomes divided over this rather strong opinion. Fans, of course, are highly supportive, telling others to “let him be proud”. Other comments like “super excited!” or “can’t wait” have also been flooding his social media.

Additional Responses to KSHMR

Others, however, haven’t taken the comment so well. The main issue the Internet seems to have is that his statement implies that “other artists are crap”. Some have even gone so far to tell the Indian-American DJ to “get over yourself”.

KSHMR has since then responded to some of these comments, questioning some, apologising to others.

To wrap things up, KSHMR puts an end to the Twitter wars with a my-kid-is-the-best parent analogy. Whatever your take is, with just four days to the album’s release, we’ll let you decide for yourselves once the album drops!