Grimes & i_o – Violence (REZZ Remix)

On NYE, Grimes released her Miss Anthropocene Rave Edition, a compilation of several remixes to the songs on her album. Included is a whomping REZZ remix of her iconic track alongside with i_o, ‘Violence‘.

Grimes has been one of the leaders of alternative music in the last decade. With productions that use cyberpunk aesthetics with baroque art, she is undoubtedly one of the most recognized singers among many fans around the world.

Great music and incredible aesthetics is the theme. But what if you add an artist as dark but at the same time melodic with an unmistakable stamp-like i_o to the equation? I dare to say the result is one of the best songs of the last two years: ‘Violence’. A song so dark and at the same time so sweet that it captivated both fans of electronic music and alternative pop.

Grimes & i_o – Violence (Rezz Remix)

Grimes Violence Rezz remix

Now we add dirty sounds to that recipe, worthy of bass lovers. REZZ did just that with the remix that she proudly presented on the first day of 2021. The remix contrasts Grimes’ vocals with Rezz’s powerful drops. It’s a bunch of reverberating bass sounds that move the track forcefully along.

REZZ recently commented on Twitter Grimes is one of her favorite artists and she was really excited when Garrett shared with her how he was doing the track. From this moment Rezz wanted to remix that one day. You can see the enormous appreciation for i_o and admiration for Grimes with a version that respects the dark essence of the track but marking the melodies with her own style. What a great way to start 2021, perhaps a preamble to what better things are to come.

You can listen to Grimes & i_o – Violence (REZZ Remix) below, and we are all one, infinitely.