Glastonbury Organizers Deny Rumors of Festival Cancellation in 2021

As countries like New Zealand start the year with massive events, other countries are beginning to doubt whether summer festivals taking place this year. Festivalgoers are kicking off 2021 with a lot of uncertainty regarding summer festivals. One of the most popular ones, Britain’s Glastonbury, is raising a debate on whether the celebration will take place.

After the cancellation of most summer festivals in 2020, EDM fans are quite pessimistic about events taking place this summer. As a consequence, festival announcements have not been taken seriously and people are expecting the worst. Although rumors that the Glastonbury festival will not return this year were very present last year, co-organizer Emily Eavis says otherwise.

“I know that Glastonbury’s been canceled…so a lot of big stage performances are on hold again this year, which is sad but we’ve got to get this virus under control.”

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Glastonbury festival

Last year, Eavis and her father Michael pleaded for government assistance. The request arrived as many events struggle to get insurance for next summer. Now, Eavis denies rumors that claim Glastonbury will not take place this year – for now. The organization also promises that there will be an official announcement as soon as possible and that there is “no news on this end yet.”

The COVID-19 Vaccine Will Have An Impact

Glastonbury festival

With 2021 comes the arrival of COVID-19 vaccines, leading to some hope that perhaps the summer season could host some events in 2021. In August, Glastonbury’s founder said that he was hopeful that the vaccine would be distributed around the world before 2021. That circumstance would set the festival on track for its planned return. Unfortunately, the world has entered January 2021 without widespread vaccine administration. Although they are coming slowly, at least they are coming.

Despite all the rumors, nothing is certain about this summer’s festival season yet.