COVID-19 Test Kits Will Be Available In Vending Machines

Great news arrive for the people living around New York City, as it will be easier for them to detect the existence of COVID-19 thanks to these vending machine test kits. Besides, the project will expand soon to more cities.

Wellness 4 Humanity will allow people to purchase COVID-19 test through vending machines. the nightmare of getting your hands on a COVID test is coming to an end. With this new possibility, people interested in knowing if they are infected or not will be able to get a test as if it was a cold sandwich. This project is set to hit the streets the week of February 1st. The company already revealed that the touchless machines will be housed in Midtown’s Herald Square alongside a standard company store.

Just like the rest of the world, we pivoted to do what we can to help fight the coronavirus pandemic. Uncertain times lead to out of the box thinking. We are not in business to watch more people get sick; we are in the business of changing people’s lives. During the crisis, we could not just sit around and watch more people die when we had the resources to help…

Wellness 4 Humanity

This collaboration between Wellness4Humanity (W4H) and software hub Swyft Inc. will ease things for those who do not have access to a medical test easily. Although the idea is very innovative, you can already find similar projects in countries like the U.K. or Hong Kong. Besides, last week, W4H set its first vending machine inside Oakland International Airport, which was a huge success.

W4H Will Offer 2 Kit Options in the Vending Machines

W4H stated that New York City hubs will soon have two kit options available. Obviously, both of them are authorized by the FDA. The first kit will be DIY saliva RT-PCR tests. In order to complete the test, the kit also offers free shipping to send the sample to a processing lab. After a 48 hour window, users will receive the results via a mobile app. Moreover, the vending machines will also offer the TRUSTPASS rapid antigen at-home kit. It provides 97.4% accurate results in 15 minutes with no need for shipping.

covid-19 test

The price for these tests will be around $119 per kit. But costs will vary depending on the demand and manufacturing capabilities. If everything goes as planned, W4H will implement COVID-19 test vending machines in Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Denver, and other major cities.

W4H is also already in talks with numerous airports in the country. The possibility of distributing these tests like snacks at a vending machine could ease the possibility of attending large festivals again.