Beats Solo Pro ANC Reach All-Time Low of $150

Beats Headphones

If you are looking after a good pair of headphones, don’t miss this chance to grab a pair of Beats Solo Pro ANC at half price, sitting at $150.

Although these are not high-fidelity studio headphones, they provide a wonderful quality sound for the price. Moreover, this model also contains active noise-cancellation which sufficiently blocks out surrounding noise. Obviously, this technology is more developed in some models of brands like Sony or Bose.

Beats Solo Pro

Regarding the length of the battery of these headphones, Beats Solo Pro claims to last for 22 hours. These headphones also have Apple behind since the company bought Beats. Now Apple is developing high-end headphones like the AirPods Max.

Although this product received some criticism because of its design, it is one of the best looking on-ear headphones. Unfortunately, the product doesn’t have an audio jack for wired use, which is kind of inconvenient. On the other hand, nowadays the majority of smartphones are removing the audio jack so that will not be a huge issue. We must remark that these Beats Solo Pro are 50% off, so it is the best bang for your bucks.

Beats Solo Pro

You can find these Beats Solo Pro for $150 here.