New Anjunabeats ‘Rising’ EP Highlights Rising Stars

After an incredible celebration for its 20th anniversary, Above & Beyond‘s iconic label plans to expand its musical horizons. Take the journey with ‘Anjunabeats Rising‘, an EP that promises to bring interesting proposals to the music scene.

Moments of crisis and uncertainty allow us to discover different points of view and new trends in the world. One of the areas where we find the newest things that give a turn to our understanding and understanding is music.

This is the time when labels and artists find new forms of expression that inspire people today and tomorrow. Of course, we couldn’t expect less from one of the labels have always bet on quality and innovation even in the best moments of electronic music, Anjunabeats.

Anjunabeats Rising EP

In order to continue fulfilling its life mission, Anjunabeats is in the process of searching for new talent and presents a new EP focused on rising stars. ‘Anjunabeats Rising’ is a new monthly EP release, bringing new artists, new ideas, and new sounds to the label.

With its Synoptic and psychedelic cover, this compilation shows us the always inspiring message of the label. The future is often found in emerging talents, as the light always shines on them and their new proposals. Vol. 1 is out January 18th, and features GVN, Nourey, Zoya, and Parallels.

We can’t wait for this sure epic EP. You can pre-order or pre-save it here.