[WATCH] Gorgon City – Trapdoor (Visualizer)

Gorgon City’s newest track ‘Trapdoor‘ comes out tomorrow. To celebrate, they released a mesmerizing visualizer music video to go with it. The song has been vinyl-only since August when they dropped it for Record Store Day. Now, we can listen and watch the track IRL while they blow our senses.

The video flies you through a multitude of geometric shapes and portals. Stairways and archways, plus steps enrapture you. Time and space become irrelevant in this. All you see is what you get. At one point, you flow into darkness and enter a mayhem of glitching visuals. It is a unique and vast array of shapes set to music. Watch this while lounging around or if you need to find something to focus on. It’s quite a thrill. The colors and speed flow you through the bass line and every beat of the melody.

Where is the trapdoor? As you search for it through the video, it repeats. Taking you on this journey with them, enjoy. The track is light and airy in melody, but deep in the bass which is signature to their sound. What’s more, is their techno-infused rhythm with this one. While the underground starts to become more apparent in style, we’re happy to see it here. This song also follows their most recent release, ‘Alive‘.

I’ve followed Gorgon City for as much of their career since I’ve gotten into music. They’ve become one of the top in-demand artists to see in music. Over the past eight years, they’ve blessed us with their soothing deep house blended with bass-driven house and addictive vocals. Their live performances leave all fans emotional and satisfied.

“Looking forward to next year when we can have many more nights like this!!” – Gorgon City

You can pre-save the track here. For now, you can indulge in the preview with their trippy visualizer below.

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