Solomun Releases ‘Christmas In Bed 2020’ Mix

Mladen Solomun, better known as Solomun, one of the biggest names in the scene continues his ‘Christmas In Bed‘ series in 2020, bringing us one hour of fresh music that is perfect for the New Year’s Countdown.

2020 was truly a year with many challenges, changes in life habits, illness, deaths, and other difficulties. At the same time, people have overcome new kinds of boundaries, found different ways to connect, and created new communities.

Music has become a great connector between the feelings of the world community. We can speak different languages, have different economic levels of life as well as various beliefs and convictions, but through melodies we can tune in to the same feeling.

Solomun Christmas in Bed 2020

Solomun knows that, for this reason, he presents his ‘Christmas In Bed 2020 Mix’. This comes after he revealed his new album This year, maybe more felicitous than ever before because this year the whole world is most likely at home and in bed.

This set shows Solomun’s career progression, where he transitioned his filmmaking career to discover his true passion through music. In this set, we can find techno, house, soul, and R&B influenced tracks.

The mix starts with a beautiful, quiet intro and continues on with outstanding deep tracks. Then it progresses into more progressive themes featuring some emotional vocals. Solomun has an incredible ability to combine different tempos and music styles and this one is not the exception.

Surely, you will find something for everyone in this one-hour long upbeat journey. You can listen to Solomun’s’ Christmas in Bed 2020 Mix’ below!