Pioneer DJ Experiences Major Growth In Sales Amidst Lockdown

Although the music sceve overall is not going through its best moment, sales of entry-level DJ controllers by Pioneer are growing drastically. The veteran music gear company shared a report explaining how sales grew during the lockdown, more precisely with the DDJ-200 and DDJ-400 controllers.

The Coronavirus pandemic is affecting every aspect of our lives. As an electronic music media outlet, we’ve watched – and covered – how the COVID outbreak has impacted the music industry (and primarily in a negative way). That said, in a more optimistic light, we could say that the interest regarding DJing and music production has not changed or even went up during the pandemic.

Pioneer entry level

With a large majority of countries applying mobility restrictions and lockdowns over the course of 2020, the sales of entry-level controllers experienced interesting growth. Pioneer stated that DDJ-200 and the DDJ-400 have proven to be the preferred products to start learning the art of DJing.

Pioneer is also constantly working on new products regardless of the pandemic, like the $600 controller DDJ-FLX6, which offers many new features. On top of that, the company also recently launched the new version of the most famous DJ controller, the CDJ 3000.

Pioneer entry level

Get To Know Pioneer’s Entry-Level Controllers

Pioneer’s DDJ-200 is a great starter controller that offers all the functionalities a beginner DJ could need. The DDJ-400 takes the mixing art to a next level, offering a layout that’s similar to a typical Pioneer club setup and better FX functionality. Regarding prices, both are great to start with a budget of around $250.

Entry-level DJ equipment is a great starting point for so many DJs. Picking the right equipment when you don’t know where to start can be really daunting. To help make it easier we have equipment like the DDJ-200 and DDJ-400 on the market. These products are the perfect pieces of gear to start your hobby/career. Especially when you have little to no experience of being in front of decks or a controller

Pioneer DJ

Although the COVID-19 outbreak took from us many festivals, parties, events, and even artists, it could be the origin of a new group of DJs. As the vaccine keeps evolving and is currently being used in many countries, the end of the pandemic may be close. And we will be very glad to hear what these bedroom DJs can offer to the industry.