New Year’s Eve Could Bring 5,000 Illegal Raves To The UK

New Year’s Eve is just a few weeks away and the UK’s Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) predicts 5,000 illegal parties to take place. Their concern comes from the pent up rage from people due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Restrictions on licensed nightspots have already been set. Michael Kill, CEO of NTIA states the following:

“We are estimating that the UK will be witness to over 5,000 illegal parties across New Years’ Eve weekend. The Government needs to consider ways in which to manage this grave situation, people will want to celebrate the end of 2020 in their own way, ignoring the issue will not resolve what will be a significant car crash in every sense of the term.”

NTIA CEO Michael Kill

New Year’s Eve has always been a time to celebrate new goals, new beginnings, and new times ahead. It makes sense that with lockdown restrictions in place, illicit festivities may happen. Social unrest may culminate that result in mass gatherings with a finger to the sky. This poses a real risk of overwhelming the police and emergency services.

All of this trepidation is due to desperation for a night out. What is there to do? Already, the country is under fire for its illegal rave scene in London warehouses during Halloween. NTIA previously asked the government to relax on their curfew for bars and restaurants to allow people to celebrate. That may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back.

“They will take it in their own hands and they will do what they need to do to have those celebrations.”

Michael Kill, to HuffPost UK

The organization thinks that a unified message is necessary to get their point across. What’s more, they want people to consider the impact of their actions. We know that social life has dwindled this year and the best form of release is in a space surrounded by people entranced in music.

So, house raves and outdoor gatherings are inevitable. The Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, adds that transmission efforts could fail if gatherings continue. Looks like the takeaway is to understand who is around you and take their health and safety into consideration. Ultimately, it’s the honor system at this point.