Kayzo & Delta Heavy – Tormenta

Kayzo and Delta Heavy have released their first-time collab, ‘Tormenta‘ on Monstercat. Needless to say, this record is massive.

This collaboration combines Kayzo’s vibrant, dance-inducing bass alongside Delta Heavy’s drum and bass rhythm, bridging the elements effortlessly. The track begins with sound segments that build up gradually into the first drop, favoring a steady hardstyle beat. Part two of the first drop melts into a massive dubstep concoction. The rest of the track follows a similar pattern, building each time into a different drop. The rhymical variety in ‘Tormenta’ is impressive, and shows the range that these artists have in their craft.

Over a week ago, Kayzo put the release of this track on his fans’ radar, by Tweeting the below:

A few days later, he revealed that the track coming out was indeed his collaboration with Delta Heavy – ‘Tormenta’.


Kayzo is an artist that has stood out over the last few years as a result of his cross-genre collaborations. He has a knack for bending genres like Rock & Metal with EDM, and does so with excellence. Artist collaborations include Underøath, Of Mice & Men, Atreyu, Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low and others. Perhaps one of Kayzo’s most well-known recent genre-crossovers is his Papa Roach remix, ‘Last Resort – The Rework‘. Kayzo’s creativity is undeniable, and he each release has a unique ferocity to it. Recently, Kayzo took to the stage at Ultra Taiwan (after quarantining properly) as well as an Insomniac Park N Rave series in California.

Delta Heavy

Delta Heavy‘s music continues to push boundaries in 2020. They’re currently celebrating 10 years since they launched the project and released their first singles with RAM Records. Each of these artists brings a different music background to the table, as is showcased in the releases that they put out together. From huge hitters like ‘Anarchy’ with Everyone You now, and ‘Lift You Up‘ with Zeds Dead, this duo continues to progress with their signature drum & bass core.

What’s Next?

Both Kayzo and Delta Heavy appear to be making the most of this year – despite the curveball thrown at the entire music industry. This collaboration breathes new life for these artists, and is one that they should be incredibly proud of. Needless to say, we cannot wait to hear this one live (again) when the time is right.

Kayzo & Delta Heavy – Tormenta