Juliet Fox Inaugurates New Label With ‘Time Doesn’t Exist’ EP

The Australian DJ and producer Juliet Fox inaugurates her new label TREGAMBE with a two track EP called Time Doesn’t Exist. It’s a techno- club banger, perfect to end the chaotic 2020 and start 2021 with incredible music.

Initially an outpost for her own club-orientated production, Adelaide-born Juliet sets her Italian surname as the imprint’s title. Meaning “three legs” in English, fusing strength, integrity, and authenticity. These defining traits are at the very core of the music her imprint is set to showcase.

TREGAMBE took shape during the quarantine. Running a record label is an ambition that I have been waiting to see happen and the response to the pandemic offered the luxury of time to consider the music I wanted to present and how I wanted to present it. My tastes changed slightly within the techno spectrum and I want to incorporate this into my new productions

Juliet Fox
Juliet Fox Time Doesn't exist

Something exceptional for the label is the personalization of each cover-art by herself. The artwork for the inaugural EP is an abstract painting, featuring fictional avatars in such a way that they appear to stretch physicality beyond time and space.

Produced in her Berlin studio during the lockdown, the EP leads with the searing title cut ‘Time Doesn’t Exist. This work expresses Juliet’s immediate reaction to the world being reduced to a dazed standstill. Therefore, she captures it crafting pulverizing techno.

Beyond Physicality‘ features her native vocals of South America, a place that she holds close in her heart. Both tracks represent the cover concept, the love, and connection found between two souls in an abstract painting that uses acrylic on canvas.

You can listen to Time Doesn’t Exist EP below! .