Barcelona Concert Study Tests Same-Day COVID-19 Screening

Spain is seeking ways to bring back music events as a Barcelona concert study was held on December 12 to determine the effectiveness of same-day COVID-19 screenings.

To participate in the study, 500 volunteers were randomly chosen, after passing an antigen screening, to enjoy a free concert at the Apolo Theater. The other 500 participants were sent home and organizers analyzed if there was any kind of contamination within the venue.

Those who took part in the concert experience were required to wear FFP2 face masks the whole time and use hand disinfectant. However, social distancing was not implemented throughout the show to create a close pre-covid event experience. Participants were able to dance closely together and have fun.

All 1,000 participants will need to undergo two PCR tests to detect the possible spread of the virus. One test was conducted before the Barcelona concert and the other will be done exactly 8 days after the event. This will help to detect if any infected participants were able to pass the antigen testing.

Due to the current pandemic, concert halls and music venues have been hit the hardest within Spain. Due to health restrictions and two shutdowns, the entertainment business is struggling to get by. The results of this study can potentially aid in their hopeful return in the coming months. Overall, the study may not guarantee their come back, but it can be a great step in that direction.

Source: Billboard