[Watch] Hot Since 82 Streams ‘Recovery’ In Hot Air Balloon

Hot Since 82 took us deep into sound but from up high. Showcasing tracks straight from his new Recovery album, get a load of his hot air balloon set from yesterday.

Ever been in a hot air balloon? What about streaming a DJ set from the air? Witness another of the most unique and greatest sounding videos for the year. Watch as Daley gets in the balloon, as the handler flies him around epic landscapes. The video starts off with ‘Nightfall‘, the first track of the album featuring Temple. Watch him mix and master with ‘Eye of the Storm‘ featuring Liz Cass, ‘Barefoot‘, and ‘Be Strong‘ featuring Rudimental. With these tasty, sultry tunes, let your fear of flying fade.

Loverdose‘ soars you through the city while you jam to ‘Body Control‘ over the luscious, green fields. Experience the mile high club with this one, as the underground beat is so sick. Even the handler joins in on the fun. Shout out to the cameraman for filming the whole adventure while hiding. Though, he makes several cameos with one being during ‘Sinnerman‘ with Ed Graves.

Coming in for a comical landing during ‘Want You‘, watch as the mighty travelers make it back down to land. Daley proudly holds his hand up and braces for impact. I think we can all live vicariously through him on this one. Landing gracefully on their sides, he continues playing while laying on his back and jamming. It’s quite a cute moment.

But don’t take my word for it. You can watch the video below! Don’t forget to check out the rest of his album for more much-needed recovery tunes. As we enter December and the final days of 2020, let’s make the final push.

In case you missed it, stream his Recovery album here.