Ultra Taiwan DJs Fined For Violating Quarantine Rules

Taiwan has implemented strict entry restrictions for travelers coming into the country. This includes a 2-week quarantine period with daily check ins from officials. Under no circumstances may a person leave their place of quarantine within the two week period. As a result, Kayzo, Vini Vici, Slander, Alesso and their teams had to undergo the quarantine process before performing at Ultra Taiwan.

However, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) in a press briefing revealed that that four individuals slipped out of their rooms and met in a common area to eat and rehearse for the show. Although no names were given, Kayzo, Vini Vici, Slander, and Alesso were the only foreign DJs invited to perform.

Authorities became aware of the violation due to a video that was posted on social media. The video showed the DJs gathered together and wearing no masks. As a result, each of them was fined $10,000 NTD (roughly $350 USD) for violating the “one person per room rule.”

They need to each pay $10,000 NTD within seven days of receiving their penalty notice. Otherwise, the case will be handed over to the Administrative Enforcement Agency.

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Feature image taken by Farra Tai