Standerwick Ft. Gid Sedgwick – Bringing Me Up

Standerwick takes on a progressive and unexpected approach with his new single ‘Bringing Me Up‘. Featuring Gid Sedgwick, this track showcases his versatility as the UK trance producer we have known. We see its release on Armin’s Armind label.

The track soars with the vocals accompanied by airy harmonies and minimalist drops. A heart-throbbing bassline drives the song forward into suspenseful bliss. It slows down for a second and lets you breathe, before slowly building back up. Casting a somewhat dark but mysterious tone, this is a standout track ready to lift its listeners up.

Ian Standerwick has been part of Armada Music’s roster for quite some time now. In fact, the label and producer recently extended their partnership today. They’ve signed, sealed, and will continue to deliver more music for the trance fam. Courtesy of their amicable relationship and fresh production skills, we will surely be expecting the unexpected.

“Like most, I spent the first few months of lockdown getting to know my family and being a dad. But when I got back into the studio, I felt more inspired and excited than [ever]. I was passed a vocal topline from Armada featuring Gid Sedgwick, and it was really different and just what I was looking for. I love his tones and style. It was a little different from what I would normally work with. [It] was perfect timing since I wanted to try other things and show some creative flair. It feels good to spread your wings every now and again, so I am really proud of this one. [It] has been a great pleasure working with Gid.” – Standerwick

Do you get goosebumps every time you listen to him? We would like to congratulate both for another chapter on their amazing journey together.

Listen to Standerwick’s latest track below!

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