Spotify Hack Exposes 300,000 Accounts

Now might be a good time to change your Spotify password. A database leak left over 300,000 accounts compromised. Hackers are currently selling information found on the database on the dark web.

Moreover, Spotify users have taken to Twitter to vent and share their confusion, as users that have been hacked are finding strange playlists or songs pop up on their account.

Spotify’s Potential Security Flaw

Hacks are somewhat common with Spotify. But, why? Well, one potential reason is the lack of two-factor authentication. This extra step, which would ask for a secondary form of verification (phone number, email, etc), could dramatically decrease security issues.

Additionally, the majority of large media platforms such as Apple, Google, and even Amazon have this option available. Spotify, while innovative in many ways, does not have extra security functions currently in place.

Here’s How to Prevent a Hack

Firstly – don’t reuse your password. Seriously. It might seem convenient at the moment and easy to remember, but it could backfire later.

Change your password if your account is protected by a reused password. It’s also wise to change your password regularly.

And if you think you’ve been hacked, you can click here to get some more tips on how to handle a security breach.