Somebody Paid $1,764 For Avicii’s Vinyl

‘Levels’ by Avicii is considered one of the greatest EDM tracks of all times. This tune was crowned the greatest Tomorrowland anthem and also the most recognizable song in EDM history. That status just got reassured as somebody paid $1,764 for a single Avicii vinyl.

The vinyl in question seems to be a rare special edition and it was sold via Discogs. Discogs features the most expensive items sold each month. This limited edition vinyl of Avicii’s ‘Levels’ had the #19th spot last September. The vinyl contains 2 tracks, the original mix and a remix by Skrillex. Pink Floyd took the 1st prize while placing a sale out of this world. Pink Floyd and their 1967 The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn LP put hands the prize at $6,500. View the full list here. The single vinyl by Avicii doesn’t quite make the cut for the top 100 but it is really near as the #100 spot was sold for the modest amount of $1,890.02.

Avicii stays in the headlines even after his untimely passing which is why he will never be forgotten. The DJ/producer never ceases to amaze and there is nothing to argue about that. ‘Levels’ is without a doubt one of the greatest and most memorable songs in EDM history. You can listen to this timeless track even if your wallet is completely empty as mine, here.