Pig & Dan, Victor Ruiz Release ‘Consciousness’ EP via Drumcode

Pig & Dan teamed up with scene veteran Victor Ruiz to release a new EP! Consciousness is out now on Drumcode. The EP is what we would expect from these legends: deep, dark techno with energetic touches.

Pig & Dan is an epic duo that has been blessing the dancefloors for years with their unique take on techno. They recently launched their ExistenceEP, and now come forward with a deeper work to think about our life sense. Victor Ruiz also recently dropped a four-track EP called Freedom‘.

Pig&Dan and Victor Ruiz consciousness

‘Consciousness’ is a three-track EP that bears a powerful main theme intended to resonate with the name of the release. Hypnotic and moody, this EP combines synths with massive saw sounds and constant dynamic rhythm. Alongside a namesake track to kick off the EP, ‘Music Takes You‘ brings powerful vocals and strong FXs to the table. In addition, ‘Paradise Lost‘ closes the EP with uplifting melodies and vocals that bring hope for a brighter tomorrow. It truly establishes itself as a timeless anthem.

You can listen to Pig & Dan’s new release with Victor Ruiz below!